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Met Gala Part Two

Yesterday was Fashion's greatest night of the year! The event happened in Manhattan, NYC. Click here to find out more regarding the Met's Exhibit featuring Charles James and find out my favorites over the years.
Photo credit: Andrew H. Walker | Getty Images 
Click here  and here to see what we miss inside the Gala. 

There is just one thing I need to say. This year there WAS NOT a red carpet live stream. COME ON VOGUE! ITS THE LEAST YOU COULD DO. THEY PAY 25k A SEAT, I THINK YOU CAN AFFORD TO GIVE THE FASHIONISTAS that didn't get an invite WHOSE INVITES GOT LOST, A LIVE STREAM OF THE 2 HOUR RED CARPET. JESUS.

I don't know about you but I could not find a livestream anywhere. Super frustrating. But at least we have pictures of the red carpet, NO THANKS TO YOU, VOGUE.

Let me try to stay on topic. The dress code was "White Tie & Decorations" with the theme of the exhibit being Charles James: Beyond Fashion. Here are my absolute FAVORITE & HATED & then I DON'T KNOW WHAT looks of the night.

First up, favorites: 

Favorite Couples: 

1) The Beckhams. This couple is perfection. This is exactly what I imagined for the dress code. David (yes, we are on first name basis) is wearing Ralph Lauren while Victoria is wearing... wait, for it.... Victoria is wearing Victoria Beckham. Yes, she went to the Met wearing her line. Just makes her outfit even better. The stark white was the perfect choice for the occasion of "white tie." She took it literal and really stood out from the rest of the attendees. But the truth is, I don't think they could have done it any better. Completely flawless.

2) Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Cant they get any cuter? Both are wearing Gucci. Love his velour jacket but I am completely OBSESSED with her dress. The flowy-ness of the back cape connecting to the train- ah-mazing. Then the silhouette of the bodice, perfection for her body type. Love how her hair is pulled to the side too. Great styling 

3) The Carters... Both wearing Givenchy. Jay-Z looks great in his tux. But who can look at him when Beyonce is next to him. Let's be honest here. I love the netting and the see through but covered in the right areas. I adore this over her body hugging see through feathered gown from 2012. She is in the best shape and this truly accentuates it in a chic and, while risque, very elegant way. Love the beaded netting over her face, too. make the look very 1920's/Great Gatsby chic. This couple is the definition of the dress code- he is wearing white tie and she is the decoration. 

4) Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady never disappoint. His velour jacket and her Balenciaga dress that had velour details on it- breathtaking. Such a great look for them. They are the real life Barbie and Ken. 

5) Although not a couple, the designer and inspiration posed together. Zac Posen looks magnificent in his cape and velour jacket with white bow tie. Definitely a unique spin to the dress code and definitely couture. Zac's dress for Dita von Teese is absolute perfection. The silhouette hugs her curves and the colors are perfect on her. I really think Zac paid a great homage to the Exhibit's deisgner, Charles James. The bottom wavy pattern of Dita's dress is so similar to one of James' design, seen right.  Love it

Now for the ladies that went solo: 

1) Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker is a dream in Oscar de la Renta. The black and white ball gown looks amazing on her! But its her styling of her hair and accessories makes the look one of my all time faves.Her gloves are an elegant touch but I love her jewelry added on top of them. The lady can do no wrong in my book, but this look is one of her best yet! 

2) Olivia Munn in a yellow Diane von F├╝rstenberg gown. I feel like she looks like an Old Hollywood movie star! The color is a perfect shade for her. Her hair pops from it and then has the little lavender accent on the belt to accentuate her tiny waist. While some that arrived in yellow looked like highlighters, Oliva Munn did yellow right. 

3)So Chrissy Teigen didn't arrive solo, but her silver Ralph Lauren dress is adorable and needed its own section! She has the best cheekbones and sweet face that she can really pull off anything which is what happened here. You get so distracted from how pretty her face is that you don't see the enormous amount of side boob and the dress's low back. But it doesn't matter how much skin she is showing because of what it looks like from the front. No one else could have pulled this off at the Met and not look like a total skank. It's the perfect amount of femininity and sexiness. Oh and did I mention the dress is embellished with swarovski crystals? Yeah. Perfect for the occasion. Love her hair and jewelry too. Perfectly styled. 

4) Maggie Q in this Zac Posen dress should have been on the invitation to this event. THIS is GLAMOUR. THIS IS COUTURE. THIS IS WHITE TIE AND DECORATIONS. She is so tiny that the ruffles on the waist works out in her favor. This is so chic. She presented it perfectly too. With the perfect posture and facial expressions, she's couture. This is another great homage to the exhibit's subject Charles James with the seams of this dress really accentuating the body. Posen really has a similar aesthetic as James as far as structure and proportions. Maggie Q looks great. Zac Posen really nailed it with all the women he dressed this year. 

5) Dakota Johnson in this midnight blue Jason Wu dress is another one that nailed it. She looks incredibly chic yet comfortable in her dress. She has such a tiny frame that the dress fits her like a glove which really shows Jason's craftsmanship. I love this dress..Love the beaded bodice for the perfect amount of glitz, but the bottom of the dress and the gloves really makes adds the perfect amount of glamour. Her hair is a beachy wave with the  brown smokey eye was styled perfectly for this. Great for the Gala's theme and dress code. 


1) Lea Michele was wearing Altuzarra. The color- yes. The hair- yes. The accessories - yes. The dress sack - no. From the shoulders up, she looks gorgeous. But what is that dress?! What is that on her waist? It looks like a fanny pack. But I have to say the attempt was there and noticed...it just doesn't quite make it there. She tried to rock it, but the dress is just too much and it's wearing her... and not well... "White tie and decorations" -- she's definitely going for the decoration aspect.

2) Kate Upton. One of the most talked about woman right now and this is what Dolce & Gabanna chose for her. The dress is reminiscent of something Spanish with the dark lace. The corset adds to the silhouette and really accentuates her curves. But it is just too much. The thing on her head too? Sarah Jessica Parker is the ONLY one that could rock a headress. This is just a trainwreck. She is such a beautiful woman and there was just so many other options that she would have looked stunning in. This is just disappointing. 

3) Oh look the Belle of the Ball...I just loled... Katie Holmes in Marchesa. I just can't. I have nothing good to say about this. The color is mustard. What is that on her boobs? What is that silhouette? This does nothing for her. I always used to say Marchesa can do no wrong. They really screwed up here.  

4) I really tried to like this. But I cannot do it. Why, Solange? WHY, Phillip Lim? Great color but it just looks like it doesn't fit her. 

5)  I saved the best for last. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAA. I am so happy that she wore this. I'm sorry Lupita, but everyone was putting you on this awesome pedestal that you could do no wrong. Sorry, you fell off. What in the world?! I get the idea- 20's style flapper. But the execution =horrible. It would be fine for ANYTHING else. Just not the MET GALA. I get it, it's the Costume Institute and the dress code mentions "Decorations." But you didn't have to take it to literally mean decorations as in feathers, tassels and crystals. This has nothing to do with the theme or dress code. I am actually surprised they let her in. The only thing I could say that is nice is that the green color looks good. It really pops..... I just don't understand why Prada would do this to her...  She was doing so great! And then this. But it's okay. I'll move on.... AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA. 

& Last but not least the - I don't know how I feel about it section: 

1) Anna Kendrick..... Snooze fest. THIS IS THE MET GALA. Her dress is just so boring. She's so pretty and is such a great slate for any designer but this just drains her. She seems like she has a bubbly personality and this does not reflect it one bit. 

Wearing J. Mendel

2) Who let SHAMU onto the carpet? Oh wait, that's Lena Dunham. I'm sorry, if you like her.  She might be fabulous person BUT COME ON, why does she think she can pose like this at the OSCARS (see right). I don't like her one bit. BUT.... (you probably hate me now, but wait) .... I have to say this is probably the BEST she has EVER looked on a red carpet. True to the mission of the blog, she seriously worked this dress. That is the only redeeming quality of this look. She rocked the dress and it made the look. Good job

3) Kim Kardashian... One of the most beautiful women around and this look is just "pretty." There's nothing left to say. This Lanvin dress on someone else with less of a curvy figure would look great. But Kim has such a great body that this just does nothing except accentuate her waist line. I don't know if I love or hate it.. it's just there. 

4) Lake Bell.. Why so serious? Seriously, what is the problem here? Your dress is fab, why is every single picture of you on the carpet is of you having serious bitch face? It could have been worse, you could have been pregnant and dressed as a couch with a dress made out of a curtain by Givenchy. Cheer up, you look great. 

5) Ryan Gosling's ex-girlfriend... and she's wearing this. WHAT A LET DOWN. Its soooo boringggg. Why would Ralph Lauren take a stunning woman like Rachel McAdams and make her look ordinary. Great silhouette but that color... just does nothing for her.

6) You have the minimalist and then the excessive. Kristen Stewart in Chanel is one of excess. I just don't know how to feel about it. I love this silhouette that Chanel has been doing but it's just so much going on. It's perfect for the occasion, I mean where else would this be appropriate? It's definitely couture but its not quite appropriate for white tie. Her hair is a hot mess, with her two inch brown roots. I just don't know about it... I love and hate it. But I have to say, I love her Pigalles! 

The list can go on and on.
But overall, I think this has to be my favorite red carpet dress code and theme. Let me know your favorites.


P.S. I do not own any of these photos. Credit to vogue.com and Eonline


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