Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tip Tuesdays: Heels (part 2)

This week's tip is practicing & buying the appropriate shoe for YOU.

and so, COMMAND RESPECT by learning to walk your heels.


Practice wearing your heels. Walk with them around the house on all types of flooring- wood, carpet, tile. Get adjusted to them because your posture is EVERYTHING. You should even take it old school and balance a book on your head. It's important to keep your butt in and shoulders back so if you have a steep arched shoe, you should know that it's going to take a little more effort and slower steps (aka- be more uncomfortable) to walk them properly. You should also know that because of their steepness, or heel height, that if you're going to be running from this place to the next, you should wear another heel so you're not walking like a duck by the end of the day.

You don't want to look walk like Kim Kardashian walking in France in Balmain- because lets be real with ourselves, you would want to be wearing that outfit. But she's walking like a duck, ass out (I mean, I guess that's inevitable with her) and taking 4 mini steps to Kanye's one step. If they would have just slowed down a little, she would have been golden!

It's like she's speed walking/borderline jogging in her 4" booties. & you know why she looks like this? Because she didn't practice. She went into Balmain in one outfit and came out in another. She didn't have the appropriate R&R with her shoes and dress. Her dress is too tight to walk and her heels are too high to keep up.

So like I said, practice to keep your shoulders back and ass in. BUT don't be that girl where her hip bones enter in the room first!

What happens when you don't have the appropriate shoe on. 


This is about purchasing the right shoe for YOU! When buying heels you should really find the appropriate heel. If you feel like the stiletto cannot support you, do not buy them and buy a wedge. If you think wedges don't make your legs look their greatest, buy a thinner heel. Buy what you think is appropriate.

But at the same time, don't judge a shoe on comfort. If you're looking for a comfortable heel, good luck.  

I used the same image last week. What this means: the limit of heel height as the heel approaches comfort = Does not exist. Heel height is a noncontinuous function. There is no limit or basis. In other words - heels are uncomfortable. They is NO such thing as a comfortable heel. They are the worst and best things ever made. Just embrace the love/hate relationship you have but be sure to buy the appropriate type for you.

This is where you need to develop your own style. I aim to create an individual look for myself and especially for clients that have me style them by looking at their personality and their interests. Likewise, this blog is to inspire you to develop your own style. Sound familiar? It should. It's from my about me page and is the mission of the blog.

You need to figure out what works best for YOU and apply it. Find the best heel for YOU and rock it like Rihanna because if you don't this is what you'll look like: 

This is bad karma and it's totally going to bite me in the ass but lets point and laugh...

So practice, practice practice in the right shoes. And then you can be like this one:

Pray that I don't eat the ground sometime this week.



  1. You have a really nice blog :)
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  2. Wearing your heels at home before wearing them out is not only a great way to work them in, it's also great practice for just walking in all heels in general! Great tip!

  3. This is a great blog post! Great tips!