Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wishing Wednesdays: Spring Fling

We had a snow storm on Monday which made me so IMPATIENT for Spring! Why won't it just get warm and sunny already!

This week's Wishing Wednesday is inspired by spring!

I usually have black somewhere incorporated in every outfit so this style post is out of the ordinary for me lol!

1: Halston Heritage Pouchette Hobo - $450

As you can tell, I'm feeling coral for spring paired with neutrals of tan and white. I love a good romper and the one with the bell sleeves is so 70s chic. Love it. And I love the monogramed trend happening now. It takes me back to middle school where I had my pink leather band with my name in charms paired with my Lizzie McGuire charm bracelet... yeah, those were the days. 

Have a good Wednesday! 


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