Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tip Tuesdays: Intro & WWLD

Tip Tuesdays will consist of etiquette tips to be the best version of yourself!

While it's not as prominent as it was in the 20's-50's, manners have managed to make their way through evolution. The only problem is you see it more in men. You'll have that guy walking behind you but jogs to make sure he opens the door for you- love that! Or have the one that pulls out your chair for you- awkward to sit back down but it's the thought that counts!  The one that helps you put on your jacket while holding your bag- adorable! 

Every girl wants their guy to be a gentleman. Well how can one expect a man to be a gentleman when one does not act like a lady?

I know what you're thinking- Renia, don't you preach about not caring about what people think? Isn't this all about appearances to other people? 

You can say I'm hypocritical. But listen up friends, confidence and classiness are what make a woman beautiful. Confidence in who you are, is the first factor. But one should be a proper lady and being proper means having manners. And remember the golden rule? Treat others as you would expect to be treated so don't expect a man to be on his best behavior and treat you like a queen if you don't do the same back. 

What brought this on? 

Well I feel like I'm relatively proper thanks to my mother's great training but after living in London for a little, I realized that 1) I really had to work on some things and 2) etiquette is fading in America. Women are just different over there.What you think of Brits is true; they're proper. They rock everything they're wearing, stand up straight, wear heels and makeup but have huge handbags with all of their makeup and an extra pair of shoes.  While their accents accentuate this classy persona, I think we could learn a thing or two from them. 

I made a friend during my time there. Her name is Lauren and she is from a city called Bath (look it up, it's gorgeous). She lives in London now and is the definition of proper. More on my trip to London to come later, but long story short Georda visited me with our friend, Joulia, and they met Lauren. Now when we hang out we constantly ask ourselves-- WWLD: What would Lauren do?
This is the lovely Lauren!

Would Lauren be slouching? No.
Would Lauren be wearing heels she can't walk? No.
Would Lauren be smoking? While a European thing to do, not her thing.
Would Lauren let her makeup be smudged down her face? Nope.  

So readers, if you're trying to improve yourself start a new habit. Begin to ask yourself 

Be sure to check back every Tuesday for my recommendations on improving etiquette

Ta ta for now. 


P.S. Lauren - thanks for letting me use your picture! xoxo


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