Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tip Tuesdays: Educate Yourself

I mean has anyone said it was cute? 

Maybe Jessica Simpson. Yeah. She's the culprit. Ms. "Chicken of the sea"... Yep. I blame Jessica Simpson for this horrible impression that acting stupid is sexy. 

Ladies, today's tip is to educate yourself and form an opinion. 

This post is my inner feminist coming out... 

Educate yourself and form an opinion

It's important to educate yourselves. I'm leaving this to be very general- from politics, to events to current events. Like don't vote for Obama because everyone else is doing it, vote for Obama because you agree with his principles. Do not go to an event and not know what it is for. You should know what's happening in the world. For example, you should probably know that a plane has VANISHED out of thin air and there's a big thing happening with Russia and Ukraine right now. Say you're chatting it up and these topics come up, you should know what everyone else is talking about and aren't completely shocked by a plane using Harry Potter's invisibility cloak or the potential second Cold War. 

This is something that relies on what you like. I think it's important to know what you like and do your best to immerse yourself within it. Example: From my about me, you know I like cars. Well you can say I'm obsessed, I try to learn everything I can about my favorites and categorize what I find interesting and what I think is boring. When the topic of cars comes up I have something to contribute to the conversation instead of saying, "Ohh-Emm-Gee, I love my BMW that my parents bought me! They just look so nice!"

Thanks to women like Susan B. Anthony, Jane Addams and Dorothy Height (who Google showcased yesterday for her 102nd Birthday) who fought for our rights, we can have opinions! Shocking, I know! You should be able to know enough to have an opinion and stand by it.

But word to the wise- if someone does not appreciate your opinion or even the fact that you have one, just walk away. #feminism... I'm working on this myself. I would get upset when someone couldn't appreciate my opinion or tried to put me down to look like they know more. This then evolved into not even saying what I thought because I didn't even feel it was worth going through a discussion of "you're right" just to end it when I know, for a fact, they were wrong. Whatcha gonna do.

Have an opinion but don't be THAT girl, though. Don't be extreme about it. Don't be so close minded and head strong in your opinion that you don't listen to others. My dad says "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one" (which I'm pretty sure is from a movie, but besides the point.) You should have a middle ground where you realize that everyone has an opinion.

Next week touches on another conversation tip so be sure to check it out.

And remember, WWLD. ;) 



  1. This is such a great post - so true!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! & Thanks for checking out my page!