Saturday, March 22, 2014


Sometimes you want to go. 

Where everybody knows your name,  

And they're always glad you came. 

Cheers theme song, Renia?  Yes, reader, yes. 

BlueStone is that place for me. Its one of my absolute favorite restaurants. While they don't know my first name, I feel like I know all the servers' names haha! 

I first have to apologize for not having photos of everything I'm recommending. Like I said here, I ate at Bluestone last night and was really hungry and dove straight in without remembering to share it with you guys until it was half way gone. Sorry! But lets get to it.

The food:

ANYTHING you order is great. This is not one of those extravagant ultra-creative menu. This is like a home cooked meal with amazing quality. Lets start with what I get (every time) -- Maryland Crab Soup. One of the best in Maryland. Not thick, always fresh, a tad spicy, has actual crab meat and always served hot. 
For lunch I usually order the Ahi Tuna Wrap with a side of Firecracker sauce and for dinner I usually stick to the Filet Mignon with a side of Firecracker sauce. The wrap consists of seasoned seared tuna with yellow rice that has some vegetables in it. The Filet is always served with garlic mash potatoes and asparagus. Firecracker sauce is this amazing sauce that I don't know really know what its made of but it's spicy. Again, nothing extravagant but simply delicious. 
Maryland Crab Soup
Maryland Crab Soup

I have always stuck to the same thing for lunch and dinner so I'm not a good person to recommend anything else because what I get is always great. But I can recommend appetizers: 

Individual Apps: 
  • The cream of crab soup is awesome. Not thick, not too rich and the best part- it ACTUALLY HAS LUMP CRAB IN IT! That's a rare thing to find. 
  • In the mood for a salad? Try the Bluestone salad. The walnuts and sugar coated bacon-- A++ . I always ask for extra dressing though. 


Apps to share: 
  • Fried Calamari- not greasy or chewy. They serve it with a vinegar which is delish! 
  • Fried green tomatoes- one word: yum. No one does it like them. Its topped with crab meat in a creamy sauce. 
  • Hot Seafood Bake- like a crab dip with shrimp and scallops served with the best pita chips. They're buttery... and have a sprinkle of old bay... yeah, they're good and totally good for any diet! 
  • Oyster fan? If available the Salt Grass Point are the best! Yesterday they didn't have Salt Grass Points but had Connecticut Bluepoints.

Can we get to dessert?! All their desserts are made in house. I go with the Hot Blondie every time. Its like a cookie brownie with vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate and white chocolate. It's yummy. It takes a lot for me to classify something as yummy but this is yummy.

THEE Hot Blondie                                                                     Creme Brulee

The drinks:

You can order anything from a Cosmopolitan to a Bloody Mary and it will be on point. Bloody Mary is fab here, but if you want an old bay rim- be sure to ask for it! They have an extensive wine list. I sometimes go with  the Chandon Sparkling Rose Split from California. Comes in a little bottle so its perfect for one person. Its pretty good, not dry and not too sweet like Champagne. 
Bloody Mary

They have weekly special events so be sure to check their website for happy hours and half priced bottles of wine! 

Hope this has convinced you to go! & hey, maybe we'll run into each other! ;)


Update 3/31/14 - updated with pics of the dessert! ;)

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